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 Transformational Life Coaching Therapy

Get "Unstuck" -- step outside of yourself to expand & experience true freedom. In the session you’ll learn to access your heart. You’ll learn that the heart is much wiser than the mind. Working from the heart your judgements disappear because the heart is balanced by a deeper truth. God spins together moments of profound beauty for us to be able to go deeper within ourselves that can only be experienced with the heart. 


During your session, you will fortify the self & achieve a greater life force. You’ll learn to trust that instinct within. And when you can give thanks for it all and love without conditions, then you will be free to be the truth and live an authentic life. 

Now is your time to resolve the inner conflicts that hold you back from your potential for well-being and keep you in a mental state of suffering. Now is the time to stop being at war with 'what is'. 

Candy Cotton

Coaching/Intuitive Healing Sessions

. Sessions are available in person, phone sessions, skype, Messager via Facebook. The sessions over Wi-Fi are just as transformational as in person!

$110.00 60 mins

$150.00 90 mins

$190.00  2 hours

*Hours are by Appointment Only*

Mon​day - Sunday w/ evenings & weekends available.

All Credit Cards & Debit Cards Accepted

To receive the most benefit from your Coaching/Processing session, I incorporate several different processes of Energy Healing Therapies. Deep PEAT is set up to release unprocessed emotional stuck -(trapped energy), giving you emotional freedom mentally, emotionally & physically and you learn tools that you'll use for the rest of your life. Going through Deep PEAT reveals the core perceptual confusion that brought about the experience of a given problem, it addresses a whole theme of relevant problems. 

Satori Protocol is the first method that integrates the release of emotional problems & enlightenment in the same process.  We begin the process from an emotional problem and finish the process with the Direct Experience (peak experiences) of Truth, achieving two benefits at the same time ---release of emotional problems and enlightenment.

Peak experiences are moments of transcendence in which a person emerges feeling changed and transformed, not only mentally, & emotionally, but physically & spiritually too. There will be no reactivation of the trapped energy because it has been neutralized.

If there is an attachment to the story or belief, I would suggest we work on the belief they are holding and then go back to see the feelings emotions that are held once that’s cleared. I also have other modalities that can be incorporated during your session to help you release and connect with a higher energy field. These 'coaching sessions' are geared towards guiding you to your inner intelligence, empowering you with the tools for healing yourself.

  A good processor has a combination of intuition, attention to detail, and empathy.  

I am a guide that helps you process the trapped negative energies so that you can experience freedom. YOU ARE THE HEALER! You are not handing over your free will or power, you are the master of your ship.  I am simply guiding you back to your authentic God created self. You will think more clearly from your intuitive thoughts instead of your emotional-based thoughts. This will start to move you toward being more in power and toward the level of success that you want & deserve.  

My Coaching therapy helps you understand what is happening when you ​reach a place where it is necessary to reconstruct yourself.  We use life triggers as opportunities or gateways into the self. However, no need to wait for more trauma to find you before doing these healings. The idea is to get an overview of what the various events in your process mean. This has the effect of clarifying what you’re experiencing so that it's not so confusing, demoralizing, enraging, and alarming.  It also has the effect of accelerating the healing process in all areas of your life.


Great Saving$ on Packages:

1 hr. session    (3) $30      (6) $600    (9) $900

90 min session  (3) $420    (6) $840    (9) $1260

 2 hr. sessions     (3) $540   (6) $1080   (9) $1620

*Cost for Adding TESLA Room &/or Harmonic VAT Bed w/ Chakra Crystal Light Therapy is determined by package chosen

*Additional healing modalities can be added during a Coaching session, Reflexology, or Past Life:

💥 (4) Tesla Oscillators (Energy Light Therapy Room) $60 (40 mins)


  ARC (21) Vogel 💎 Crystal ✨Light Therapy that includes, 

NEW Vibroacoustic Harmonic Sound Wave Bed!  🎼

  $80 (50 mins) / $110 (90 mins)

*Either one of these rooms will definitely enhance & accelerate your meditative & healing experience! ✨

*Further discounts will be added with package sessions!  

Is Conflict necessary to help us find and follow the spiritual path or is it an opportunity to find your treasure within?

If we learn to use conflict as an instrument to help us bring about our own internal issues, then we can stop blaming the world for the energies and forces we are faced with every day. When you stop blaming, you become very empowered individual and can make very positive choices for yourself and help others along the way. One of the biggest obstacles in healing our wounds & traumas or any problem is that we identify with the experiences. Identification is a trap and causes much suffering. What we need to do is shift our sense of who we are in that experience, allowing our true self to emerge, the free and joyous self.


Taking your own internal issues instead of projecting them out upon others / (society) is a sign of maturity ~ and mastery. It is not about controlling other people; it is about control of that which lies within each of us. If we can learn to merge and master our own inner forces, we can see why conflict is a spiritual necessity and why this law applies to most [and in a higher to all] - the world. Work on our inner conflicts first and then we will see our outer world begin to heal.  We were taught at a very young age not to express our feelings. In the home and at school we were told to just accept the situation. This caused us to suppress our emotions. Many of us, learned to use some of the suppressed emotions as a means to motivate us in our life.


Some of the negative emotions become self-serving in a lot of positive ways. Meaning, why would we want to get rid of anger if it motivates us out of the feeling of sadness or makes us get off the couch to exercise? Why would we want to get rid of anger if it keeps us feeling safe? 

Well, if I told you the anger that helps to motivate you also is attached to depression, anxiety, resentment, sadness, loneliness, uncertainty, not feeling worthy, alienation, and so on.....and the excess of this charged emotion, is causing more trauma than good. 

We end up staying locked inside this story which becomes a morphic energy field of emotional energy. This energy field causes relationship problems towards ourselves and others.

People often give the responsibility of their health away to others—their doctor, their spouse, their acupuncturist, massage therapist, counselor, their practitioner, and drugs, supplements. This can help us feel better for weeks, months & even years,

but the old pattern / the unprocessed negative emotional energy will rear its head eventually & usually in the most impromptu time. 

We let out little through blaming family, friends, co-workers, employees ect.— but by blaming others, and holding these resentments, we lose our own power to heal, and the (wound) or unprocessed emotional baggage remains. You will feel either victimized or you become the perpetrator yourself projecting onto others; your boss, friends, even strangers on the road or at the grocery store .....I think you get my point.


When your mental & physical health is unbalanced, it is simply a sign, or you can say; 'a call for help' to heal a hurt within yourself.


Holding this energy internally causes so much distress & suffering within the body that it eventually will manifest an illness &/or pain body.

 Carrying guilt and shame also has a huge impact on our health mentally and physically. Many times, we do forgiveness mentally &/or spiritually, but the body can still be holding the emotional impact that trauma. The body keeps the score! 

This is where the mind and body healing need to come together. The body may still be carrying the effects of what happened even if you mentally think better of the situation.

Every trapped emotional energy is significant in your life. Each one has had an impact on you in some way or another. Each comes from a specific time or event that was experienced either by you or someone else that you inherited or absorbed the energy from. These energies affect us in a variety of ways create challenges, problems pains of all sorts, both physical and emotional.


The choices you make right now, starting from this very moment, will shape your current and future health. Starting with being aware of your thoughts, and the feelings that come with your thoughts. Understanding what is motivating you is self-empowerment!

If you have a willingness and desire to open up to a new way of perceiving your life events, then I can help you.

You will be embarking on a new journey with new thoughts, learning to love yourself, and in return begin to have a deeper love connection for others. 

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