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Certified​ Transformational Life Coach, ​Gifted Intuitive Energy Practitioner & Reflexologist

Realigning the Body, Mind, & Soul with Spiritual Development Techniques

A Safe Healing Voyage Into Self Discovery & Empowerment!


Vibroacoustic Harmonic Frequency Wave Bed, *patented ARC Gem Filled Vogel Crystal Light Therapy, Tesla Oscillator Energy Light Therapy, Tuning Forks, Tubular Energy Healing Tones & Energetic Chakra Healings

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Established 1/12/2012
Marcia Summers

Illness is not your enemy, it is a sign of imbalance either spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and/or it can stem from an inherited generational imbalances. These are all messages from your body to help you on your soul journey towards self awareness & understanding of our powerfulness. All words, thoughts & feelings have a vibration of energy, and this energy can carry low vibe causing us imbalances & suffering. I am a processor & a guide that can help you to understand what is happening and help you heal.  You will come away empowered & aware.


Sacred Healing Codes is a place for you to relax, release the stresses of life and come out with your energies reset & your body in a state of rejuvenation. Every treatment is balancing, energizing & healing. My sessions are about getting to you to feel good mentally, physically & spiritually through connecting with Divine intelligence, your higher self and accessing your unresolved wounds.

Freedom awaits!


Balance & Heal to your Chakra System ​with the Beautiful Magnetic Resonance Energy *Patented ARC Vogel Gem Filled Crystal Magnetic Light Therapy!

Balance & Heal to your Chakra System ​with the BeautifulMagnetic Resonance Energy

Lay under the Therapeutic Colors of Light Shining through the Bio-Resonant ARC Gem-filled Vogel Crystals. While you begin to move into deep hypnotic relaxation, waves of light energy healing come through the magnetic light into your auric energy field, and then resonates with your body. This magnetic gamma rays are resonating energy into every cell, atom & protons within your body bringing healing energy & vibrational healing patterns that get absorbed by the Chakras and the water of your body. The hand-cut Vogel Crystals have been infused with 50 to 100 different natural precious & stones and herbs that correlate to our chakra system. With the magnetic therapy also added, the ARC Light brings in a harmonic resonance of healing to your Auric Energy Field.  


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The Result is Relaxation & Rejuvenation at its Highest Levels and a renewed and revitalized Body, Mind & Spirit!


Well, it's best if you just try it out. It is hard to put into words how great you feel. It's a wonderful healing tool for energizing and helping you feel happy & balanced. Research using the Tesla Energy light has also shown that Autistic children respond very well. It brings them into being.

Come get a reset ~ it's wonderfully addictive!

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Certified Radical Living Life Coach, Satori Protocol & Deep PEAT 

Are you seeking a deeper connection? 

Get "Unstuck" & Experience True Freedom

During a session, I will help guide you through deep meaning and understanding of why you are where you are.

Radical Living Life brings new understanding of why your life feels out of control and why you can't seem to find any serenity or why you are stuck in the same pattern/s. Through this coaching technique you will begin to be released from this entanglement/bondage. The goal is to bring about clarity so you can make new decisions, feel good, and have a new perception with new thoughts & new energy. This will bring you back into a place of wellbeing. I also use other techniques that I have been certified in; Deep PEAT & Satori Protocol, Memento are processes that accelerate the self-realization and healing.

Some call this 'New Energy Medicine', I simply see it as releasing unprocessed trapped energies that have blinded us to our spectacular beingness!

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VAT - Vibroaccoustic Harmonic Water 💧 Bed 

Text or Call (936) 777-0128

The Brownstone Office Condos
25511 Budde Road ~ Cameron Bldg #503,
The Woodlands, Texas 77380

The recently added Vibroacoustic Liquid Sound Bed (VAT) is a harmonic sound water bed that has 100 different frequencies of sound that are used as therapy in order to manipulate your brainwaves to promote healing for your body and mind. Alpha, Beta & Theta Sound frequency healing has been used to treat several different kinds of ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and disorders of the nervous system to name a few.  

VAT works synergistically with energy healings, emotional healings, stress, pain and anxiety. The relief comes from the peaceful & calm state you obtain lying on the liquid sound table using specific frequencies and music heard through the headphones and felt through the bed.

Acoustic therapies are becoming more and more popular as a means to promote self-healing within the body.  Vibration is a fascinating way to address health concerns. Human cells are vibrating all the time and they brilliantly copy any vibration that is introduced to your system.  

When your cells are vibrating within what is considered to be the healthy range (30 -120 Hz), you will feel well and resilient to emotional and physical triggers.  When your cells are vibrating outside of the healthy range, you can experience negative symptoms - anything from mild hunger to chronic pain.  

National Institute of Health has been reporting on the efficacy of using Vibroacoustics for physical and emotional challenges for over 30 years. 

*Vibroacoustic Liquid Sound Bed is a science-based treatment that uses harmonic vibrations that send frequencies thru the water bed which meets up with your body's cellular & energy network system for aligning the body and mind to a healthier state of being. The headphones deliver beautiful sounds, tunes, & solfeggio frequencies. Along with the patented ARC Gem-Filled Vogel Crystal Light therapy, your body, mind, soul and spirit received a beautiful healing.  

The Vibroacoustic bed is remarkably healing, you'll leave relaxed and with relief!

The final focus for our spiritual learning is love.

The bottom line of healing is love.

 I will guide you inward to find your way towards awareness & peace.

Real Testimony from a Real Customers

A little background on how I got started in this field of work

My name is Marcia or (Marcie) 

I have over 30 years of experience with various healing modalities.

But long before all this happened I had life-changing experiences. It all began with a story about medical diagnoses while pregnant with twins in 1990. At 23 gestational weeks along I began my journey into awaking up in a new world of medicine & medical procedures. This world is filled with sorrow, sadness, fear, distrust, trust, hope, releasement, attachment, grief, contentment, and many other emotions. From the early diagnoses, and many procedures gone bad, mistakes made by others you trust, to the unconditional love of strangers that became like family. I grew in many ways. I grew in understanding more about kindness from strangers and I grew also to not trust peoples abilities too.  As with many other people in similar situations, these desperate times take us on a deep journey to bring healing for our children and ourselves.  I was very astute to anyone that had any means of healing modalities. I met nurses that had hands of healing, natives that helped cleanse negative energies and others that didn't even realize their own power that they held for me during the 8 months of turbulent experiences at the hospital and the years thereafter. I experienced blissful moments of such love from truly gifted people, and the compassion that was given was a priceless gift to my soul.

I am very grateful to my twins and my darlin daughter as well as many other earth angels that came in to help me to understand my incredible abilities to heal myself and find my way back to my natural authentic self. 

Through understanding the nature of death through the departing of David (one of the twins), I learned thru the suffering from the disconnection, the reconnection with prayer & learning how our thoughts create our internal wellbeing or negativity.  I became more & more aware to the truth that we are all one collective consciousness. Whether we are here or on the other side -(wherever that is) there truly is no separation. I was extremely fortunate to have a total heart healing and a profound blessing from an Ascended Master called Hilarion.  He holds the 5th Ray. Although at the time I was unaware of how this was to change my life FOREVER, I did know he engulfed me in unconditional love, which do to my deep belief of unworthiness I had a difficult time accepting.  This blissful energy healing that is available to us all was something I thought was only meant to be received in the Spiritual realm after death (if) we were worthy.  I am a stubborn soul that likes to find my way on my own due to trust issues, which has been good in the fact that it's made me go deeper into myself to find the truth. 

I kinda fell into my soul's purpose after all this. I made a decision I could contribute something towards bringing others to awakened consciousness from my own awareness and innate ability to heal myself. I learned & developed the ability to guide others to their points of suffering and help them release trapped negative experiences from highly skilled teachers. I feel I grow a little with each client and believe me, I have had some of the most remarkable interesting clients.  

It is my mission that my life is used for a noble cause.  With the techniques that I have been trained to use, and continue to learn new methods, I bring the unconscious ~ into consciousness, and in this, you bring an end to suffering. I am a guide that is able to open doors to your own ability to heal yourself.  You are always fully aware and fully in control of the processes. I do not do the work for you as that would be (IMO) disempower you from your true abilities. I love to see my clients become self-sovereign because they too become mighty powerful light beings and can share the techniques they learn with others! :).

The ability to heal is a gift that God has given every human being....and much of our ability lies dormant underneath many beliefs. ~Until we meet up with them and illuminate -(enlighten) the problem, most of us stay in states of angst ~ and all types of suffering. 


I am an Intuitive Energy Healer; working with your body, mind & soul to bring you into a higher state of being-ness. If you are open and have even a mustard seed of faith, I can guide you towards spiritual, emotional, & physical re-balancing. I help open the channels for your body to heal from within.


Basically, we all have unresolved emotional baggage & much of this has been seeded down from our family, imprints from sociality, other people & more. No matter what, it's a lot of information and much of it causes us to become critical of ourselves and others making it difficult to really get in touch with our true natural authentic self, which is only love. Some folks are great at finding their root of problems and were able to heal the past, but for many we need extra help to identify, recognize and then disempower this emotional negative charge, and help to remove the barriers blocking our way.


I am a Certified Radical Living Coach, Certified Deep PEAT Processor, Certified in Memento -(Past Life Integration), Certified Satori Protocol processor, Master Reiki Energy Healer, Reconnection Healer, Certified Master Reflexologist I/II, Intuitive Transformational Energy Reader, Certified Massage Therapist, & Reflexologist.

My therapy can include a combination of services in each session, always with the intention of the release of suffering and to help you move forward spiritually, emotionally, & mentally. Most of the time this also alleviates a lot of physical pain too. The tools used to speed up the healing process and help to bring the body up to a higher vibrational frequency includes the Tesla Energetic Oscillator, & ARC Vogel Light Therapy, PEMF therapies, & the VAT Vibroacoustic Liquid Sound therapy bed!

During the 30 years of working in this field, I gratefully have seen many many remarkable changes with my clients. Everyone receives a gift ~ a shift into a higher state of beingness. 

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