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~Transforming Stuck Negative Energy~

~Enhancing Positive Energy~

Come Lay Underneath (21) Precision Cut & Infused 

Vogel Crystals!

You'll be Bathed in Magnetic Healing Energy Healing! 



This FULL 1-hr session includes: Application of YoungLiving Essential Oil of either Awaken, Release or Transformation. I use Palo Santo ~(Holy Wood) as a means to clear off -(smudge) your Aura, The Om Tuning Forks & 'I Am' 'THAT' & other high-frequency tuning forks are used to bring in a beautiful harmonic vibration for your 5 energy bodies. Pranic Healing is invoked through Christ consciousness and or Emotional Energy healing may also be used to transform unprocessed or stuck negative information.

This Session Is A Transformation Chakra Energy Balance while lying underneath the beautiful Magnetic ARC Vogel Crystal Gem~(21 crystals) Light Therapy


*EXPAND your healing! 

Additional add-on within the session:

30 min. Reflexology $50

60 min. Vibroacoustic Sound Water Bed (VAT) $75  

*I Highly recommend asking about getting a package for Reflexology for releasing & healing layers of unprocessed emotional issues for yourself.  Everyone learns to suppress their feeling in order to avoid being emotionally overwhelmed. These suppressed feelings cause disruptive emotions, energy blockages in the body.  Once these energy blockages are released,  your body can heal much faster.  

A​re you in need of an Immune Boost?  Your feet are porous and absorb within 20 mins these beautiful oils throughout your system to assist you in a deeper healing.


Add Raindrop Therapy: (10) YoungLiving Oils -(Highly Therapeutic Immune combination of pure essential oil therapy) $50.00

*As with all of the healing modalities, it is very important to come hydrated, not hungry, not hung over or on any psychedelic type drugs.  


BOOK NOW for your Beautiful Healing Session 

936 777-0128

Come Experience Magnetic & Acoustic Resonance 

It is for this reason that ARC Crystal Gem Light Therapy does not become "dirty" or "sticky" with other people's energies as traditional type crystals will do. 



You can find other handmade Crystal Lights Therapy beds,

but.....this is truly the only patented technology of it's kind!

All of the Vogel Crystals & Gems used in the A.R.C. Light natural, all are from the highest and most pure and energetic sources on the Planet. The Crystals are NOT machine cut, they are for clarity and hand cut by a specialized crystal cutter. 

THE FINEST HEALING CRYSTALS and GEMS IN THE WORLD are placed into the (7) ARC lamp. Each Chakra lamp has (3) Hand Cut Vogel Crystal that have been infused with over 50 gems, minerals, precious and conductive metals, giving you (21) Beautiful Vogel Crystal Gems to bath underneath!

Unlike traditional Vogel crystals, which are made only of quartz and are directly dependent upon the consciousness of the user to access potentials for effect, the ARC Gem Filled Crystals are completely

independent of the user needing to cleanse and clear after each person.

My Vogel ARC Crystal Light has embedded into each crystal the properties of the precious & semi precious gems, & other crystals and minerals to correlate to each chakra light - such as selenite, smoky quartz, and citrine, Lemurian Seed, Emeralds, & many more to effectively keep the crystals always clear of negative energy and information. 

Each Vogel Crystal has attached copper and magnetic-activated piezo-electric properties, which further activates properties of the gems and minerals inside - This gives the ARC Crystals a massive increase in energy projection compared to a traditional Vogel or quartz crystal.

*Traditional Vogel crystals or Quartz crystals indiscriminately store and project information, both positive and negative. These types of crystals need to be and cleared on a regular basis.

My Vogel ARC Gem Crystal light therapy is continuously working for your benefit, cleansing & clearing with the patented technology.  

(21) Vogel Crystals Are Infused With: DIAMONDS, RUBY, SAPPHIRES, PLATINUM, GOLD, Emerald,

Tourmaline, Moldavite, Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst,

Obsidian, Kunzite, RoseQuartz, Lapis Lazuli, Shungite, Lemurian Seed Quartz, Great Pyramid Dust,

Island Quartz Sands, Stardust, Moon Rock, Healing Herbs, Homeopathic(s), Tachyon, Lourdes Water & more! 

All of these beautiful healing gems are embedded into each hand-cut Vogel Crystal

Very important that YOU MUST BE HYDRATED ~ and that does not mean drinking h2o right before your session :-) The healing is within the cellular level.


The room is quiet and warm with beautiful harmonic music playing. We will start with your intention for your healing while applying 100% pure Anointing Oil to your forehead & feet. 

I use Tuning Forks by Jonathan Goldman that has been attuned to the Frequencies of 'I AM' ~EHYEH & 'THAT' ~ASHER along with the PINEAL activator, 528 MHz & other fine Forks!

We are incredibly energetic beings, literally made up of the same material as the planets, stars universe. We are made of energy, particles ~ MATTER! We really do matter :)

After you are all settled on the massage table, I place the ARC Vogel Crystal Gem Lights over your body. Doing some nice deep breaths the cascading healing waves of energy and vibrational patterns are release thru the gems and crystals into your energy field down to your physical body. These vibrational patterns are then absorbed by your Chakras ~(corresponding organs) and into the water of your body. While exposed to the frequencies of the ARC Vogel Crystal Gem Light, you will experience a white light passing through the retina towards the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is responsible for producing melatonin (which helps regulate sleep cycles) and for beta-carboline, among other types of hormonal regulation.

When the gland is brought back to its optimum state of health, the brain is in a better position to activate a range of healing, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

It's a doorway to a higher plane.

Images of brain activity show increased harmonization of frequency during the ARC Vogel Gem light experience, and depending on the willingness of the viewer to let go, this corresponds to a state of deep relaxation, meditation and the highest level of concentration for healing energy. 

You experience a euphoric release from anything and everything that bothers you, letting your body, mind, and soul reconnect to give you that feeling of consecutiveness and oneness with life

Reflexology is an ancient art of healing the body thru working the meridian points, ​working organs, and all systems that are congested and in need of clearing. This feels so good and is another phenomenal healing tool to accelerate your healing.

I was certified in Reflexology in '97 & '98 @ The Wild Rose Holistic College of Medicine in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

*Physical Dis-Ease ~ (11) Oils ~ $50.00

~These oils give your Immune system a Boost

The result is Relaxation & Rejuvenation at its highest levels

and a Renewed and Revitalized Body Mind and Spirit

Relaxing you to a degree that has been previously unimaginable!!!

~Energizing you in ALL of the ways that you need.



After each session how you will feel can vary based on the individual but your body will be having a detoxification and energetic cleansing ~ sort of like clearing the cookies on our cellular hard drives of accumulated stress, toxins shock to the systems.  Typically people experience a reset, literally can feel themselves make a shift. 

Everyone reports being very relaxed which shifts into either peacefulness & productive or can be revitalizing energy that you thought was long gone.

The physical detox is often the bathroom and skin changes.

Drinking 1/2 your weight ie; (150lbs = 75oz. in water each day) will greatly help your body rid itself of toxic substances and help you to heal faster and feel better quicker.

You can also get conscious changes in your mental and physical awareness.

It's like you just get this inner call for better health and awareness, a lot of clients say they get a feeling that they can let go pain, sorrow, anger, frustration & sadness.

Simply said its a portal for Joy, Love, Blissfulness, & Peacefulness.

This truly energizes the mind and body to higher states, due to the restructuring of the cellular fluids and re-patterning of bioenergetics.

* Try to plan on resting after your session, letting the healing energies integrate into the cellular level.

* Epsom, Himalayan Salts~(my fav), and Sea Salt baths will help you neutralize the toxins released.

To book your appt. text Marcia @ 936 777.0128 

**As with all therapies offered, please be hydrated prior to your session, and that doesn't mean drinking a bottle of water before arriving.


Want more information? read on.......Visit: to connect with your new ARC Crystal. read more on the Vogel Gem Light, and get the book: Water Codes and discover the secrets hidden within the science and spirit of water. Or, learn more about ARC GEM Light Therapy, and how the power of ARC Crystals are used in the greatest holistic therapy system on the planet!

The crystal is a quantum converter that is able to transmit energy in a form that has discrete biological effects. The human body, on an energetic level, is an array of oscillating points that are layered and have a definite symmetry and structure. This crystallinity is apparent on both a subtle energetic or quantum level as well as the macro level. The bones, tissues, cells, and fluids of the body have a definite crystallinity about them. The structure of the fluids, cells, and tissues of the body tends to become unstructured or incoherent when dis-ease or distress is present. The physical body is comprised of liquid crystal systems in the cell membranes, intracellular fluids, as well as larger structures such as the fatty tissues, muscular and nervous systems, lymph, blood, and so on. 

Through the use of an appropriately tuned crystal to which these structures are responsive and coherence can be restored by delivering the necessary ‘information’ or energetic nutrients needed.”

~Dr. Marcel Vogel Inventor of the Vogel Crystal

Marcel Vogel – Former IBM Scientist, Inventor, Crystallographer, Healer, and Developer of Vogel Crystals. Marcel Vogel was born April 14, 1917, in San Francisco. As suffered from respiratory difficulties and at the age of six was officially pronounced dead of double lobar pneumonia. He miraculously recovered, but the impact of the experience was so profound that Marcel, even at such a young age, was so driven by the sense of love and well-being he had experienced that he would walk to early morning Mass every morning. In this place of prayer, he would ask “Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?”

After six years he heard a voice in his mind say “You will be a phosphor chemist. You will do pioneering work in luminescence. You will write a book and create your own business.”

For the next several years, and through high school and college, Marcel followed his inspiration to become a phosphor chemist and expert in the field of luminescence. With no academic courses available, he had to teach himself. He majored in chemistry and physics at the University of San Francisco, and in 1943 published his first book with Dr. Peter Pringsheim, a professor at the University, titled The Luminescence of Liquids and Solids and their Practical Application (Wiley Interscience – 1943.

Marcel Vogel was a rare soul, a man who had a rare connection with the inventive, creative, loving and spirit with a power of mind from that energy that is endowed to very few who have walked this Earth. Much of his work in crystallography, especially in his quantum discoveries, research, and inventions, are unknown to the public at large. It is our goal to carry on the legacy of this true renaissance man, the Great Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel.

Astronaut M.Vogel, W.Pinto, C.Wright

From 1944-1957 Marcel Vogel explored pioneering work in luminescence and fluorescents. He ran a company called Vogel Luminescence, which he sold to Products in 1957 when he joined IBM as a full-time research scientist. He was granted many patents in the fields of magnetic recording media, liquid crystals, photo relays, and rare earth phosphors. His contributions helped to realize today’s liquid crystal digital displays, computer hard disks, watches, and radios. Before retiring from IBM as their top scientist ever with over 150 patents, he began to use the IBM equipment to research the secret life of plants. A book was written about his and other’s work of that title, they were able to clearly show through polygraph test that plants have very intense emotions. This began his work into the unseen world of subtle energies. He proved these energies were not so subtle Vogel’s research is paramount in the field of crystals. He spent many years after retiring from IBM researching the use of crystals. He did this with the best equipment in the world at the time and a list of respected colleagues from astronauts and scientists to business tycoons. With this access, credibility, and respect, he was able to show that the ancients were right in their regards to crystals and so much more.

He was an overt servant of Christ, Marcel studied and respected aspects of many faiths with knowledge of the higher energies of Source. Yet he died with much of the world misunderstanding the energetic quantum side of his work. Many, including some very close to him, felt that he was dealing with dark forces. M. Vogel showed the world scientifically (those who would listen), that a persons highest and healthiest intention Love. He found that through crystals, any intention is amplified and transmitted with phenomenal change happening to the energy of that intention. This he clearly showed (for all who would see) that this is a little understood, yet perfect, and perfectly manifesting energy force. He showed that he could perform “miracles” with this technology and energy.

Restructuring water, changing bad wine to great, aging wine, preserving juice and food, improving cells, and with this energy healing extenuating injuries and illnesses. He found and showed others how to connect to themselves and their higher selves with a simple tool connecting through themselves to the energy that makes them, their Creator. In this way, he showed the world again what Christ preached;

'The Kingdom of Heaven will first be found in one’s self' 

This direct line to Creator is unfortunately contrary to the Church structure as we know it.

Synergy Gems In Crystal

Compressing these minerals inside of the ARC Vogel crystal causes a Synergy of gem and crystal. A vibrational and energetic interaction. A Vibrational Symphony.

Compressing the gems together inside the Vogel ARC stimulates piezoelectricity, which then stimulates the other gem’s energetic properties: piezoelectricity, infrared, magneto-electric and many more, which are synergistically amplified by the Vogel and by

Each light color, gem, and metal used to a Chakra region. More lights, crystals per light, and different arrangements can be designed as necessity or desires require.

The Chakra/glands (the master controllers from Eastern and Western sciences) are cleansed, their respective energies and fluids are re-organized and cohered through perfected light and vibrational emissions of correlated ‘Chakra Gems’. This will directly and profoundly relate to and endocrine functions. The Master Control panel of the body. Through a perfectly corresponding frequency provided by the crystals, gems, light, and magnetism, we Guarantee that there is no other Therapy system that will bring you to a higher level of consciousness, wellness, and well-being. PERFECTION. This is the power, science, and effect of the ARC VOGEL.

These Energies are purely EARTH’s Way of Calming the mind and body in minutes. Charging your bio-Battery, and forever working to increase the quality of your life and consciousness. It has become apparent to many doctors, that Pain and many diseases amount from stress in the mind, and that many other diseases are a result of a person being worn out. Their bio-battery is drained. It is a profound reality of this therapy. ARC Gem Lights De-Stress the mind Charges the Bio-Battery in ways that NOTHING Else does Energies are purely EARTH’s Way of Calming the mind and body in minutes. Charging your bio-Battery, and forever working to increase the quality of your life and consciousness. It has become apparent to many doctors, that Pain and many diseases amount from stress in the mind, and that many other diseases are a result of a person being worn out. Their bio-battery is drained. It is a profound reality of this therapy. ARC Gem Lights De-Stress the mind Charges the Bio-Battery in ways that NOTHING Else does.

~ (Patent pending).Patterns/ are projected into your body through the ARC Vogel’s Perfect Vibration and Spectro-Chrome’s perfect color lighting.

Light in it’s most pure and precise (colors) frequencies, is shone through the crystals and gems, this beautiful and highly energized color goes deep into the skin and is absorbed by photoreceptors in the cell.

Essentially this is digital (light encoded) information that is decoded (computed) by the cell and water of the body. Giving it the codes to continually build you to higher and higher states of being.  

Albert Einstein said that Energy is information and the two cannot be separated from each other.

Text Marcia @ 936.777-0128 To Book Healing Session​

Marcia Newman is licensed by the state of Texas.

She is not a licensed medical or naturopathic professional and any suggestions made referring to any conditions or therapies offered do not take the place of treatment by a medical professional.  

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