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A little about me;

I have always had a natural ability to be intuitive and very inquisitive. This was fed by my entire family being in the healing field of science, bioenergy studies, physiology, & psychology, history, and a family of pastoral faith healers and preachers.  

My life shifted greatly in the year 1990 when I had twins that were born 3lbs & 2lbs. Coming from a family that completely believes in the power of prayer and the ability for others to assist in healing, I began a new journey towards completely opening up to finding healing for my babies while under the medical care. I wanted to give them the best shot at being healed. I then began a journey towards opening up my personal awareness & abilities. 

God lead me to nurses that had beautiful hearts of love & healing ability, we were all blessed by these remarkable selfless beings. I gained many new insights about love, compassion, & forgiveness from the nurses, doctors, other parents, and my family too.

This did not all come at once, and it certainly was not easy to go through, and I continue to become more and more awakened as I learn to understand more about beliefs, expectations, and information that we carry within the cellular level. 

During this time, I learned to listen more to my sub-conscience & go deeper into my unconscious in order to show me the way, to show me what I need in order to release & heal.The really cool thing that I then became aware of was how everyone that stepped into my life had some type of gift for me. Even when things went south, I was seeing harmony in the chaos.   

The main shift for me happened after the death of David, (one of the twins).

I say the main shift as that was the beginning of a higher realm of truth, love, & peace. At the time I felt I received my greatest gift from David, but that was just the beginning of more beautiful gifts to be revealed even up to today.   

Fast forward to the year 2000. I worked in a clinic where I was a Thermography scan technician. After scanning certain key points on the body, a data sheet would show block or congested areas. From this, we offered natural supplements to help clear these blockages. People walked out with thousands of dollars in supplements.

For some, I saw remarkable results as if that was the last step needed to regain their health, but sadly for most, they remained in the same state of being. It got rather depressing watching how hopeful people would be, only to come back time and time again with the same problem or something similar. 

While the supplements seemed to have helped to ward off issues, the fact remained most people were still suffering mentally, physically & or emotionally. They would tell me, they just didn't feel connected to their body or were not happy within. I became more intrigued with the mind and what made the emotional state remain the same after feeding the body the proper nutrients.  

I then decided I wanted to learn more about the world of New Energy Medicine and other Healing techniques for the mind, body and what resides in our human energy field. 

Well, as my journey of life continues onward, I have made it my mission to continually strive to uncover modalities that are geared towards simplistic healings for the mind & body and this tools I use are able to be techniques that people can continue to use without me. This is the most empowering thing for a human being.  Grow and teach others to do the same. 

Wishing everyone peace, love & harmony

Marcia Summers (Newman)

936 777-0128

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